Consent to data processing
Cookies and similar technologies can be used to store, enrich and read information on your device. By clicking on „Agree to all“ you agree to allow access to your device and also to the processing of your data, the creation and processing of individual usage profiles across websites and across partners and devices, and the transfer of your data to third-party providers, some of whom process your data in countries outside the European Union (GDPR Art. 49). Telekom may not be able to ensure compliance with the European level of data protection in all cases. For details, see privacy policy. Some of the data is supplemented with socio-demographic information (e.g., sex, age decade, and ZIP code area) and is used for analysis purposes, retargeting, and displaying personalized content and offers on Deutsche Telekom pages; it is also used for displaying advertising on third-party sites as well as for the partners’ own purposes, and in some cases, it is merged with other data.

If you have given us your consent to the information service as well as your consent to cookies, we shall also take into account pseudonymous information from your contracts and socio-demographic data (e.g., age decade, booked products), which can be assigned to your web/app usage data via a cookie or email hash, for the individual placement of advertising on Deutsche Telekom and third-party sites.

For more details, also in relation to data processing by third-party providers and the revocation of your consent, which can be declared at any time, please refer to the settings and our privacy policy.